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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 by
Akil 2

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And now for a review that you actually did ask for: Man of Steel Omg this one is even longer than normal because I’ve been waiting for this movie moment since the late 70s. For years I’ve had to endure the opinions of comic book dorks when they discuss Superman ranging from “he’s too cheesy”

If you thought your mind was blown during the first JJ Abrams era Star Trek, just wait until you check out this new car commercial from Audi. Nimoy Spock Designate 1 was joking about the time continuum collapsing if he ever met Quinto Spock Designate 2 in the first film, but after today I’m pretty sure he

We’ve been pretty critical of The Walking Dead‘s first two seasons, but we enjoyed the heck out of Season 3 (despite a but moving on…. This video from the guys over at Bad Lip Reading have made a pretty hilarious piece taking some of the more memorable moments from the show and have predictably added their

Artist Spotlight: Erin Filson

Saturday, 02 February 2013 by

One of the mission statements here at ActionStudioWorks is to give a voice and exposure to artists, writers and projects that might not otherwise be able to get said exposure.  So in keeping with that philosophy we would like to introduce you to Erin Filson.
We came across Erin’s work and loved the innocent earnest fun.

We all love to do it in some way, shape, or form whether taking a weekend trip to Vegas or spending a little quality time gambling online, but for those of us who want the thrill of playing games of chance without having to risk the money (or the reward) here are a few of

Grab the Silvercord!

Thursday, 24 May 2012 by

There’s a very cool project that is in the homestretch of its Kickstarter campaign and we’d like to urge you to take a look and contribute! “Silvercord” is a world rich with mythology and intrigue as a young girl decides just which side she wants to fight for, angels, robots, or humans.  An interesting blend

Sex in cinema is nothing new.  Hell, sex AS cinema is nothing new, either.  Everything from innocent flirting to romance to straight up baby-making are present in classic movies just as they are today.  Yet for as much shit as we give Hollywood for collectively recycling ideas (yes, yes I know the Avatar story is

Response Time is a Factor

Thursday, 15 March 2012 by

Comics seem stuck in a mire. I’ve mentioned before the problem with the cycle of supply and demand – that comics play the same beats because that is what sells, but it is what sells because it is what is offered at most stores – and think that comics will continue to spiral down until